Lifestyles Podcast Take 2 with Dante Hitt

Posted in Podcast
on August 8, 2018

I had the chance to be a guest for the second time on Dante’s podcast, The Lifestylist Podcast. Right now life is crazy and amazing and I am so glad I had the chance to sit down and chat about all things moving and mermaids with Dante. Check it out!



Find all the episodes for his podcast HERE.

Let’s talk about failure

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on July 25, 2018

So I can just go ahead and forget these. Here’s all the failures I can remember:


Clay – my first highschool business idea

Kate Vontaine – the make up artist and hair stylist

KWMGMT – my first freelance business

Betr – an app to help educate women in India

Two joint ventures I will leave unnamed


There has to more and I am just forgetting them but this is a good start. I feel I will be adding to this list again soon but that’s ok. Failures mean you’ve tried.



I forgot again…

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on July 14, 2018

<insert a lot of bad words here>


That’s the first thing that comes to mind. But now I’m wondering; why does it upset me that I forgot to post a “blog” that no one is even reading? Well, because I’m trying to set a goal and stick to it. I know that it would seem if I forgot the goal is not very important and that might be true.


Is setting an arbitrary goal of a blog/thought everyday a good goal to worry about?


I don’t know. Maybe tomorrow will have the answer. Maybe not.

Today’s Real Post

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on July 12, 2018

I posted earlier today to make up for yesterday but I still need to post today’s real real, so here it goes.


Do you want it or do you not?


I thought I knew but I’m really not quite sure. Sometimes I just feel so tired. I can’t decide if I knew coffee and to kick it into high gear or a nap?


Only time will tell.


It happened

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on July 12, 2018

So I forgot to do my post last night. #oops


I went to a Kundalini gong meditation and my mind was so cleared…maybe too cleared? Anyways, what did I learn yesterday? When no one reads your daily musings it’s kind of ok if you forget them. No stakes is no fun though.



Self proclaimed laziest person alive

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on July 10, 2018

How am I already bored/annoyed/nervous/self conscious that I have nothing to say after only 2 days? That last one gets to the truth of it.


And I think I answered yesterdays question – how do I know I’m working hard? When I have something meaningful to share.


And for today, the above is all I have. #thatsallfolks I hope to tomorrow I work hard enough to share something meaningful with you.