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on September 24, 2018

I can now officially call myself, Matt Smith proclaimed, interesting!

My podcast guest, new friend, and ATL superstar hosted the very first live edition of his podcast at Joystick Gamebar.

I went to meet my new friend and other guest, Suishiepuss, IRL. Little did I know I would be a guest!

I was so surprised, very nervous, and also so excited to talk about my new podcast AND also razz Matt a little. (I got you, Ray)


Play the episode HERE:





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on September 21, 2018

After lots of trial and error my podcast is finally here and live – and it’s about the thing I care about most – becoming 1% better each and everyday. Whether it’s business, health, fitness, or mindset I want to improve and learn from the people I admire most.

You can listen on iTunes

Watch on YouTube

or read up on The Save the World Podcast website.


However you access it I hope you enjoy it <3 Let me know what you think and if you have someone you would like for me to interview. DM ME!

Burn the Boats

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on September 3, 2018

It’s the only way (for me) to stay diligently focused on building my business. I know this is what I want – but sometimes a little lazy. But for the first time, I can’t be. I have to keep pushing. There is nothing to go back to and I have never been happier.

Do the thing that used to get you in trouble

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on August 21, 2018

Daydreaming about magic, playing with glitter, and talk talk talking.


When I was a kid thiat is what used to me get in trouble. (Also, rough housing but I think I got all that out doing jui jitsu for three years).


But in the last two weeks I have been having SO  MUCH FUN doing these things. #schoolistheworst #makemagiceveryday


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on August 8, 2018

I wish everyone had the mornings of bliss I have had for the last few days. I’m enormously grateful to be able to live rent free for the next year.


Now on paper it be like: no job, shitty car, and very confused in life. But in my mind it be like: I can wake up whenever I want, I have a roof, food, and a phone – what more do you need in 2018? Literally nothing.


While I want to be real, I also want to be bursting with gratitude and enjoying every single moment.


I wish for everyone in the world to have one day with no alarm, no responsibilities, a safe and sound roof, and a full belly. It is the greatest feeling I’ve ever felt.


Now it’s time to get to work. Stay tuned.